Telespine looks forward to being apart of the Denver digital health campus, Catalyst, which will house companies that are working to transform the digital health industry. Mike Biselli, Digital Health Entrepreneur, has been working with government, academic, non-profit organizations, and private entities (startups to Fortune 20) to envision and develop a Health Technology Innovation Campus, located in Denver, CO. Mike’s vision for this campus is to empower these healthcare innovators focused on building: digital health enterprise platforms, mobile technologies, wearable, and smart device technologies. This new campus for digital health innovation and collaboration is called Catalyst.

“A catalyst is a property that accelerates a transformation already occurring,” Biselli said in an emailed announcement. “Each and every one of the companies that will call Catalyst home is working to transform the digital health industry.”

“We are very excited to be a part of Prime Health as well as the creation of Catalyst,” said Mark Barnes, CEO of Boulder-based Telespine, which makes a telehealth web app that provides on-demand health coaching for low back pain.“I believe Catalyst will give us access to needed collaborative and partnership opportunities, as well as any future capital needs as we grow.”

Biselli announced during the 2015 Digital Health Summit in Denver on Thursday that more than 100,000 square feet of space has been committed to the campus, which represents 11 percent of what is in his pipeline.

The new campus was announced in March with Koelbel and Company enlisted to build it.

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