Boost Your Physical Therapy Clinic With Virtual Care.

Patients are waiting for Virtual Physical Therapy. Grow your practice today.

Generate more revenue, and deliver better patient care

Orbit’s telehealth platform is easy to implement and will help you build your practice.

Orbit Telehealth Inc.

New Revenue Streams

Orbit enables you to bill for telehealth visits and creates new subscription revenue opportunities

Orbit Telehealth Inc.

Increased Patient Volume

Orbit gives you the ability to market your practice to your clients and build your client community

Orbit Telehealth Inc.

Better Patient Experience

Clients are looking for a more robust healthcare experience, Orbit gives you that ability

Orbit Telehealth Inc.

Reduced clinic Costs

Orbit is like an added staff member. We work while you are seeing clients or away from the office. We help automate patient support and outreach

It’s easy to get started with Orbit

The Virtual Physical Therapy Clinic

The Clinic

It starts with a personal connection

The clinic is where it all begins. Patients meet with the physical therapists for evaluation, hands-on treatment, and to better understand their condition. From their, the provider or their staff effortlessly sets up a personalized care plan for each patient in the Orbit App.

Visit the clinic to:

  • Start recovery with high confidence, in-person experts
  • Meet their physical therapist
  • Physically experience Massage or Myofascial Release
  • Get behavioral health coaching
  • Attend classes to assist and maximize recovery

The Orbit App

The backbone of the treatment program

The app enables providers to deliver personalized, video-based home treatment plans, a library of healthy resource articles, and personal coaching and support directly to patients via phone, tablet, or computer.

Tap the app to:

  • Deliver and update online treatment plans
  • Have an online video consult for real-time guidance
  • Push and receive timely notifications and reminders
  • Document patient SOAP notes
  • Securely and easily message and chat with patients

BackLab and the digital health breakthrough

Dr. Mark Barnes got tired of the status quo. He wanted to liberate patients from the antiquated approaches to back pain treatment with one simple idea:

Back pain treatment shouldn’t stop when we leave the clinic.


He and a team of experts created BackLab and a digital health app to send on-demand, personalized treatment plans to patients through their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Back pain treatment shouldn’t require patients jumping through hoops, scheduling meetings, and paying through the nose. BackLab patients get better and stay better thanks to coaching, tools, and resources available whenever, wherever.

The Results


New patients in 5 years by adding virtual care


Growth in revenue from patients subscribing to telehealth

Orbit Telehealth Inc.

Plan Builder


Expand your practice by giving patients everything they need to continue their treatment plan at home

Orbit Telehealth Inc.

Virtual Clinic


Extend past the walls of your clinic by allowing patients to meet with you via fully-featured telehealth

Orbit Telehealth Inc.

Why Orbit?

We give providers the capabilities they need to better support their patients and provide them with personalized tools, information, and access to the professional guidance they need to more effectively self-manage their condition.

Telehealth solution for back and joint pain


Our Approach


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