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Learn more about how Orbit Telehealth’s back and joint program can help you get back on your feet today.

Who performs the coaching?

Orbit Telehealth’s own certified health coaches provide support and expert guidance to all users participating in Neck and Back Care programs.

How long is the program?

Neck and Back Care programs range in length depending on the location and acuity of the user’s condition. All programs are between 4 – 8 weeks in length.

What times are coaches available for coaching?

Coaches are available for live chat and video/phone consultations between 8AM – 6PM MST.

What are the credentials of the coaches?

Orbit Telehealth’s health coaches are experts in both low back care and behavior change. Orbit coaches hold Master’s degrees (or equivalent combination of education and experience) in Exercise Physiology or related fields, have obtained health coach certifications through nationally accredited organizations, and have hands-on experience working with clients with low back and neck pain. In addition, all coaches complete a rigorous training and in-house certification process before working with any clients.

Can I enroll in both programs at the same time?

Users cannot participate in Neck and Low Back programs simultaneously, but can switch from one to another with guidance from their coach.

Can I enroll in one program first and then enroll in the next program thereafter?

Yes. Users have the option to request a new program or program location at any time during their enrollment period.

What if I have a disability—can I still receive therapy?

All users signing up for the Neck and Back Care program will complete an onboarding survey that will determine the appropriate therapeutic plan for that individual. Individuals that raise one or more “Red Flags” will be encouraged to work with their coach to determine the best course of action.

What is the approach to receive coaching for members that have a disability?

Coaches follow a strict series of protocols and best practices to help identify users who may be disabled or carry a higher risk of injury. Together, the user and their Coach will develop a therapeutic plan that meets the user’s needs and potential limitations.

Is the program available in all states / outside the US?

Neck and Back Care programs are limited to residents of the US at this time.

Is the program available in other languages besides English?

Neck and Back Care programs are provided in English only at this time.

How does a member know if they are fit for the program?

After choosing the location they wish to work on (Neck or Low Back), users will complete an onboarding assessment to determine the best therapeutic plan for them based on their responses. With few exceptions, anyone can participate to at least some degree and see meaningful results.

What happens if the member is not a fit candidate for the program?

In some rare cases, the onboarding process may determine that a user with significant “Red Flags” may not be ready to participate in the Neck and Back Care program. The user will be encouraged to engage with their Coach to determine the best course of action to ensure their needs are met by a qualified professional.

Why Orbit?

We give providers the capabilities they need to better support their patients and provide them with personalized tools, information, and access to the professional guidance they need to more effectively self-manage their condition.

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