You may be wondering if an online program to heal lower back pain can really work as well as traditional health care? The answer is yes! Telehealth, the use of web or mobile technology to deliver healthcare online to your computer, tablet, or phone using messaging or video conferencing has clearly shown to be effective and safe. In fact, not only is Telehealth working, in some cases telehealth is providing better results than traditional health care. With 97% of people with lower back pain having what is referred to as Mechanical low back pain, Telehealth is perfectly suited for treating low back pain. Why? Mechanical low back pain is a “non-specific” condition that is mostly due to lack of strength of the inner core muscles, repetitive trauma, poor posture and a lack of exercise. This set of physical circumstances often leads to low back or lumbar sprain or strain which can cause significant pain and dysfunction for weeks or months. The cure for Mechanical low back pain involves a combination of specific exercises, stretches as well as health & lifestyle education. Telehealth technology such as web or mobile apps are perfect platforms to engage you in your own care and deliver the most up to date guidance for low back pain relief that is safe, convenient and effective.

Low Back Pain can be Treated Safely with Telehealth

If you fear that moving will increase your pain or make your back pain worse, you are not alone, this is a common fear and misconception. The proper exercises, based on the clinical science of back pain however, is not only safe for low back pain, it is hands down one of the most effective ways to heal and prevent back pain. There has been no evidence found showing that regular exercise increases risk of additional back problems. This statement is true whether you have acute, subactute, or chronic back pain. To the contrary, bed rest has deleterious negative effects on back pain by decreasing muscular strength, flexibility and disk nutrition. By moving and exercising, your back will get stronger, more flexible and increase spine health by increasing lubrication in your joints and removing metabolic waste products. Additionally, exercise helps to improve mood and sleep patterns as well as decrease stress. Telespine’s treatment plan is composed of the most up to date and proven exercises drawn from evidence based guidelines to treat low back pain. Telehealth allows for us to deliver and assign these exercises and activities to you. These exercises and activities, therefore, are not only safe for you to do, they will strengthen and increase flexibility in your spine so that your back will be healthy.

Telehealth is Convenient and Saves you Money

Healing back pain for the long term can take time. People have a difficult time staying on track whether its going to office visits and making appointments or doing the healthy back activities prescribed due to both inconvenience and cost. Telehealth solutions such as Telespine solve this issue by delivering the expert guidance and therapeutic content you need to get better directly to you on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition to giving you 24-hour, 7-days a week access to your treatment plan, telehealth allows for you to do your healthy back activities anywhere. They can be done at home, at work or while traveling. You will save a significant amount of money and time by not having to pay copays, take time off of work to make appointments as well as no wait time for appointments. Telehealth enables individuals with low back pain to be successful in getting better for a fraction of the costs. By having the tools and resources to help yourself get better there is no need for medications, injections and MRIs/X-Rays, or even surgeries.

Telehealth is More Effective than Traditional Care

Web-based telehealth allows for medical experts to take you well beyond simple exercise plans to treat low back pain. Instead of just handing over a packet of exercises, telehealth enables the healthcare team to monitor your progress, give ongoing feedback, provide important education healthy reminders, and help you set and achieve your goals. All of which contribute to a more effective treatment that will successfully heal your low back pain. Traditional care for low back pain, including chiropractic care and physical therapy, have not met the challenge of lessening persistent and recurrent episodes of low back pain. This is in part due to the fact that people have a hard time maintaining appointments and doing the exercises required to heal on their own. Dynamic and engaging exercise prescriptions for low back pain can be much more effectively and efficiently delivered via web-based telehealth. By sending you reminders and laying out your treatment for you each day, you will be more successful at staying on track. Research clearly shows that people with low back pain get better faster and have less pain when they consistently participate in prescribed activities and do specific exercises that promote a healthy spine. Our team tested the program effectiveness of Telespine and the study results showed a 75% adherence rate compared to 35% adherence with traditional care. Due to being able to engage you in your treatment plan and keep you going, you will find that you will have increased everyday function and a pain free lower back.


Telehealth addresses many of the core problems associated with healthcare today, especially the current traditional treatment approach for low back pain. Current low back pain treatment is simply too costly, inconvenient, and not as effective as it should be. The Telespine program was put together by a team of experts with over 75 years of combined experience in physical therapy, medicine, online wellness, exercise physiology, and software. Seeing a need and demand for a safe, convenient program that people can afford, these experts combined their expertise and experience to create the most modern and effective telehealth application for low back pain on the market today. Now we have the capability to give you the best treatment possible for your low back pain at a low cost and with the convenience of being able to do the program anywhere, any time.

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