The Department of Health and Human Services found that less than 5% of adults do thirty minutes of activity every day. Not moving much can lead to an increased strain placed on the back. This is because of muscle imbalances caused by inactivity. 

How come? When we sit for a long time, our hip flexor muscles become tight. To find balance, our body lengthens the muscles on the opposite side of the body (the glutes). This imbalance creates more strain on the back. Which leads to back pain.

By taking a few minutes each day to get up, and get out of this sitting position, we can begin to combat back pain. In only five to ten minutes each day, you can begin to stretch and strengthen your back. 

The top five stretches to ease back pain

Note, if you are in acute or severe back pain consult your doctor. When you stretch, only go to the range that feels comfortable, not painful. Always adjust any stretch if you feel extra strain or discomfort in your back. 

Hamstring stretch with strap

Benefits. This easy stretch will lengthen your hamstring muscles and give your lower back immediate relief from the pull of the tight muscles.

Lying spine rotation

Benefits. This stretch will help release tension in your lower back as well as increase mobility throughout your body.

Modified prone press-up

Benefits. This restoring exercise will help improve mobility in your back and decompress your spine, which reduces lower back pain.

Cat and dog

Benefits. This stretch will improve extension and flexion mobility in your spine and assist in relieving low back pain.

Figure four stretch

Benefits. This simple stretch will help open your hips and reduce the pressure on your lower back from tight hip muscles.

Stretching for your back

Taking just five to ten minutes each day to stretch and strengthen your back can have tremendous benefits on your body’s mobility and flexibility. Begin by finding a time that you can set aside for your stretching routine. Maybe it’s in the morning before you shower, or right away once you get home from work. Whatever the case, finding a time that fits your schedule is the best way to begin building your stretching routine. For more tips on stretches to reduce back pain contact us.


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