The world of physical therapy is constantly changing, and that includes new ways to deliver care. As an experienced PT or new grad looking for ways to expand your practice, you might want to consider integrating virtual care into your office. Here are some reasons why you should:

  • Physical therapists can use virtual visits to see more patients. You can offer remote sessions that allow you to see more people in less time by treating them from the comfort of your office or home office. This will also help increase revenue because you won’t have as many no-shows or cancellations due to location constraints or timing traffic to and from work.
  • Patients love it because they can access physical therapy remotely without having to leave their house! They don’t have to worry about missing appointments due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic jams, inclement weather or last-minute childcare crises.

See More Patients with Virtual and In-Person Combination Therapy

Combination therapy with the Orbit platform is a great way for physical therapists to see more patients. For example, if you have a patient who lives far away from your office and cannot make clinic visits, they can still receive treatment by video chat with video exercises shared for them to do on their own. The benefits of combination therapy go beyond just being able to see more patients; there are other benefits too! For example:

  • Patients who see both an in-person therapist and a virtual therapist experience better outcomes compared to those who only see one type of provider (either virtual or traditional). This may be because combining both types of therapy increases compliance due to convenience factors.

Increase Billing with CPT Code 98975

CPT code 98975 is a new code that allows physical therapists to bill for virtual care. This code is not used for in-person visits, but can be used by physical therapists who provide support for patient-directed exercise programs. 

For example, if you want to use this code to get paid while helping patients through their workouts, you can do it all on Orbit’s digital platform. Your patients will benefit from your expertise while increasing their ability so they can reach their goals faster than ever before – resulting in better outcomes overall! 

The Number One Cause of Failure in Physical Therapy

Perhaps the most important challenge that physical therapists face today is that patients are not always motivated or able to make the changes needed to improve their health.

For example, many people with lower back pain don’t want to engage in exercises or lifestyle changes recommended by their physical therapist because they simply do not have the time or motivation required for long-term success. Others may not be able to afford the cost of regular visits with a physical therapist—especially if they need more than one session per week. And some simply live too far away from a clinic where treatments are available on-demand; this limits their access to physical therapy services and makes it difficult for them to stick with their treatment plan over time.


Virtual care is an exciting new option for physical therapists to offer their patients. While there are still some questions about how well it works, the research has shown that virtual care can be beneficial for patients who might not need in-person visits. If you’re thinking about using virtual therapy in your practice, we recommend consulting with an expert who can help you choose the right tool and create a plan for implementation.

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