Meet Ryan-If you ask anyone at Telespine what Ryan’s greatest strength is, they will tell you ‘his ability to make others feel seen and heard’!

What is a health and wellness quote/saying that resonates with you and why?

Moshe Feldenkrais was an amazing movement specialist who now has training across the world, helping people heal from chronic pain and dysfunction. A quote I love from his is “You can’t do what you want until you know what you’re doing.” It relates to all areas of life. We all are doing things that have led us to this moment and to change we need to understand what we’re doing by building awareness. There can be so many attachments to the things we do and we aren’t aware of it. By understanding these attachments and building awareness we can understand how to create lasting change in ways that work for you.

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever experienced?

I started playing rugby in high school. It quickly became my favorite sport, a great mixture of soccer and football. One weekend I was able to play in a match with my older brother’s college team. During a play, I was able to make a pass to another player but was tackled and landed hard on my shoulder which tore a ligament. It took 6 weeks to heal, which was the hardest part. When there’s pain you’re so limited in what you can do, even during normal life. I’m grateful my body was able to heal well and I was able to return to playing.

“Ask me about the time…:”

I found my favorite campsite in Colorado.

What hobbies and sports have you been involved in throughout your life?

I grew up playing soccer but stopped in high school because of the coach. I started playing rugby in high school and played some in college. I love competing and will play just about anything. Volleyball and ping pong are my favorite pick-up sports. I also love hiking and lifting weights. I’m lucky enough to live in an area with great hiking trails with beautiful flowing rivers most of the year.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I like biology, psychology, and chemistry. I always found it incredible how life functions and performs. How growth takes place in the world around us and inside us is amazing. It’s amazing what science understands and even more so how much is still a mystery.

What’s your favorite song to unwind to?

Depends on my mood while winding down. Anything by Adelle is great, but if I’m looking for something more upbeat I’ll turn to Bruno Mars. It doesn’t get much better than “Uptown Funk.”

How has chronic pain impacted you or the life of someone dear to you?
I have several people close to me who experience chronic pain. Most are the result of significant accidents or having to push themselves in jobs for years until the stress of the work caught up. It’s an incredibly challenging thing to see those you care about endure, and many days struggle through. These are some of the toughest people I know, often incredibly caring, and so resilient.

Why did you choose this profession?

First, I think because it’s something that resonates with me at many different levels, such as my interests, values, and motivations. I love learning about the human body, human movement, and the causes of dysfunction. I also care about other people and want to be a supportive influence of change and growth in any way that helps others overcome challenges. Life is challenging and our body takes on so much stress, but often we don’t have many great tools or understanding to take care of it. I see this growing and want to support individuals to create positive change.

What’s your favorite nourishing meal?

A big bowl of ramen noodles. All that delicious bone broth, bok choy, menma, and pork nourishes my body and my soul.

What is something not many people know about you?

I’m a pretty big comic book nerd. I grew up with them and have probably read thousands by now. The stories are such a great representation of a hero’s journey. Of course, I love stories with superpowers but I also love the hero facing challenges, stumbling, overcoming the odds, and overcoming those powers that may have been greater than their own at first. There is something like this that is so inspiring in many of the great comic book stories. Now you know.

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